Defeet – Woolie Boolie 2 Socks


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Defeet Woolie Boolie 2 Socks Long before wool became so trendy, Defeet birthed the Woolie Boolie. When the Woolie Boolie 2 was launched, old Molteni jerseys had long been mothballed. Army Surplus wool pants were undervalued and plentiful. Grandpa’s wool sailing sweater and itchy underwear had been digested by Goodwill for at least a decade. The Woolie Boolie 2 re-ignited all of the great memories of wool products past – and brought back none of the shortcomings. Itchy? No. Trusted companion on the most severe missions we go on? Yes. If a pair of socks has ever gotten close to having a true cult following, it’s the Woolie Boolie 2.

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