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Water repellent and windproof outer layer The water and wind repellent fabric retains the breathability that can easily be compromised by thicker fully waterproof apparel. The Orkaan adjusts to the demands of everyday cycling so you don’t overheat and sweat on the climbs and then freeze on the descents providing better regulation of body temperature, that’s why we call it the Orkaan capsule. Soft brushed lining The soft fleece-like Roubaix lining means it is comfortable against the skin when worn in isolation. Only at the lowest end of the temperature scale would you consider a base layer. Elasticated ends Avoiding the discomfort and skin pull associated with silicone grippers, the elasticated ends will stay in position allowing you total freedom of movement on the bike with minimum chances of drop that exposed those guns, unless you want them to. Paired with the Orkaan short sleeve jersey and Orkaan bib short, you have the equivalent of a royal flush. Beat that. The Orkaan RangeThe Orkaan range can be best described as a capsule system. It’s a complete kit system that protects riders from the changeable conditions that autumn and winter season can dish out. When the weather can’t decide what it’s going to do, the Orkaan is the answer. Cutting edge fabric technology and key design detailing make this the must have kit in your collection. Long rides, from autumn through to spring, can deliver four seasons in a day and it isn’t unheard of to see a +10°c swing from when you set out to when you finish your ride. It’s that kind of ride that can turn miserable when you’re wearing thermal long sleeved jerseys and/or jackets. The alternative ‘layering up’ method, which allows you to shed items as it warms, can be quickly undone by a quick shower or downpour which can make riders damp and cold. ‘Waterproof’ cycling is a seldom achieved nirvana as, let’s be honest, there are too many opportunities for water to penetrate gaps between skin and fabric. Full waterproofing, including seams and joins, minimises the breathability of clothing; so, when you work hard, the rain may stay out but heat build up inside can cause a rider to overheat and sweat. The Orkaan range uses advanced fabric technology to beat the elements. A breathable wind and water repellent fabric shell creates a capsule around you to minimise the effect of wind and rain on your body temperature and comfort level. Even the effects of persistent rain, where the most waterproof of waterproofs fail, can be regulated by body temperature inside the Orkaan capsule.

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