Etxeondo Teknika Windstopper Jacket Cycling Windproof Jackets


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Etxeondo TERMIKA Termika fabrics provide warmth and comfort. It gives light insulation that allows you to keep warm when it is cold outside by creating an insulating layer of warm air between the fabric and the skin. It also has excellent properties that remove moisture from the skin so sweat is absorbed and expelled to the outer fabric for great moisture management. WINDSTOPPER Soft Shell Fabric Windstopper products are designed to keep you warm, comfortable and protected from a wide variety of weather conditions. Windstopper combines absolute wind protection with exceptional breathability for optimum heat balance. By preventing the wind from entering the garment and cooling you down combined with enhanced breathability to allow the build up of heat to vent away from the skin, you can regulate temperature much more effectively for optimum comfort and enhanced performance.

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