Etxeondo Biko Bibtight Black / Fluorine Yellow


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They could possibly be the most comfy pair of tights on the market. They could possibly be the most comfy pair of tights on the market, the Biko Bibtights were strategically designed. They used a light, abrasion resistant fabric that insulates you from the cold whilst it very quickly transfers moisture away from your skin. The fabric is super soft against your skin, and with each panel Etxeondo has created a body fit from that moves you, giving complete freedom of movement. To make sure these Bibs were super comfortable, Etxeondo even made the straps with outward facing seams to reduce friction and make sure the fabrics soft side is on your skin, this prevents irritation. And to add to that practicality factor are reflective detailing. For on the saddle protection and comfort the Biko features Etxeondo’s double layer Behar Chamois. Double cushioning for more shock absorbing and more protection. It is well ventilated and allows easy movement. Warm Comfortable Protective Description By Kimberly Pulley, Rutland Cycling eCommerce Team.

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