Etxeondo Biko Bib Tights Cycling Tights


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Gain Chamois A microfiber chamois that has a double-density design which cushions and protects. The cushion construction has a revolutionary shape, designed to ensure maximum elasticity and freedom of movement for a better fit and greater comfort. Inside, high-density foam offers the best possible shock absorption, particularly protecting the hip and pelvic bones and leaving the perineal region free of pressure for greater comfort. The outside foam is perforated for greater ventilation and moisture control with an anti-bacterial finish helping to keep you feeling fresh throughout your ride. Etxeondo KETAREN Ketaren is a fabric that provides warmth and comfort without adding too much weight. It allows for greater freedom of movement due to this fabric’s elastic properties. Its larger surface area allows for faster evaporation, taking moisture from the skin to the fabric’s surface.

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