DeFeet E-Touch Dura Neon Gloves Long Finger Gloves


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Electronic Touch The Electronic Touch aims to solve the problems created when the weather becomes too cold to go gloveless but you still want access to your smartphone or other touchscreen device. Whether it’s stat tracking apps, your favourite exercise tunes or just making a quick call, you don’t have to go without. The gloves give you 6 touchscreen friendly digits so you can tap away without removing your gloves. Dura Gloves Dura Gloves™ are made for aerobic sports like cycling and running. Designed to keep up with a hard pace for any period of time, they’re still super thin, so you can remain dexterous enough to easily reach in to a pocket for your energy gel or take out your smart phone with ease. Despite the lightweight construction, they’ll still keep the frostbite at bay, guarding you from wind and cold.

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