Assos Women’s HK.laalaLai_s7 Knickers Lycra Cycling Shorts


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Recommended UseDesigned for those cooler times in the summer months, these knicks work perfectly with all Assos products in this climaRange. Paired with a spring/autumn skinFoil, these knicks are also ideal for cooler days when full length tights are just too hot. Used next to your skin, these give you S7 generation comfort in female-specific knicks. Technological EngineeringA new design on the lower leg optimizes the fit, giving more comfort and better performance. And making them with their type.439 material Assos brings them to a new level of overall comfort. The type.439 material offers slightly more compression than previous models offering enhanced muscle support, helping you to ride further and faster before fatigue sets in. A brand new insert, which takes the innovations of the T.équipe_S7 insert for men, has been revised specifically for the female anatomy.

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