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Multi-Season Adaptability Perfect for autumn, spring and even those short, hard early winter rides they’ll give you extra core protection and keep knees warmer. Based on the S7 short platform, this is a versatile product allowing you to experience the same royal comfort of Assos summer shorts during autumn and spring. These knickers are in their element on the days when a full-length winter tight is just too hot. Technological EngineeringAt the heart of these knickers is ythe game-changer S7 platform, so you can experience Royal Comfort year round. Using the T.tiburuShort_s7 as a starting point, Assos have worked to create the next generation of high performance knickers. The ConstructionThrough a stringent testing process Assos have developed what they feel is the best and most flexible solution for autumn and spring riding. From the T.tiburuShort_s7 they have taken the added insulation of RX Medium fabric, with its fleece-like feel keeping you warmer. On top of that, to protect you from showers, they have used a Water Resistant (WR) treatment on all the material to shed water and keep you riding longer. By inserting a panel of Stratagon windblock fabric between the crotch and abdomen panel of the knickers, this cold-sensitive area is protected from wind chill, reducing the need to urinate on those cooler rides. Assos call this blasenSchutz! Equipe GoldenGate InsertAs with their shorts, these knickers have the same insert found in the equipe S7 short. This means that the added comfort of features like the goldenGate, memory foam and an anatomical cut that all come from this platform are present, so finally you can have the same revolution in comfort of their summer shorts when the weather gets colder. Integrated Pad Protection (IPP) – is a patent-pending technology used at the front of the knickers. Instead of sewing the insert directly to the fabric, it continues to the panel end. This provides an extended layer of protection without seams in the front area – another step towards total comfort!

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