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Assos tK 607 S5 FI Mille Bib Knicker ALS Clima-range: Ideal for spring, fall and early winter riding. They have the construction structure of the Assos T bibshort, which is more anatomical then the AEPD of the outgoing knicker In essence, the TK 434 is the knickered Spandex version of the T.607, which is great news for performance: improved anatomical cut, improved compression fit. TK 434 is part of the next generation Campionissimo line, which features new pattern design, newly developed textiles, improved ingredients, a refined assembly process and available only with the Mille_S5 insert. Assos TK 434 is built from 13 panels, using 4 different textiles 7 components all carefully defined, engineered and applied. Your TK 434 is assembled by hand, undergoing 34 assembly steps by 4 different human operators and made in our own Assos assembly plant in Europe. Leading up to production, the Assos Centro Studio, Switzerland (our research center in Ticino) spent 3 years researching, making, testing, improving (and destroying) a total of 47 concept and road prototypes. Assos never compromises. We are especially committed to creating the best shorts, knickers and tights. The main textile used in the TK434 is the Type A.434 Assos compression spandex, which is used in all Assos shorts. Total comfort and high performance attitude are achieved by integration of construction, pattern and materials. Assos know-how and expertise. Touch, Ride, Believe. AEPD: Tailored to fit the body in the cycling position. Created to “click on” to your body in the tuck position. Follows your movement without restriction. The “difficult to engineer ” part of cycling knickers is the knee zone. The Assos solution is the result of thousands of kilometres in the saddle combined with leading edge AEPD expertise. With the introduction of the S5 knickers, we are introducing, our next generation knicker-specific result, and we are delighted with the result: minimized wrinkles and less pressure on the knee by featuring a seamless “rotation” area behind the knee. Another new feature is the incorporation of a warm, fleecy Assos RXQ fabric panel over the knee cap, to protect your precious knees by keeping them insulated in cooler riding conditions. Attention to detail! Others try, Assos achieves. Assos Type A.434-specially developed by, and for, Assos Textile lab. It’s the latest evolution of the legendary Type A.430, as first seen on the FI 3_S2 Exclusive to Assos. Our newly developed Type A.434 incorporates latest generation ultra low volume fiber technology: more stitches per square inch, enables greater modular compression and increased return stretch properties. For the first time, Assos Textile Lab and its technology partners have managed to engineer a permanent antibacterial fiber treatment. Benefits include: improve hygiene, better for sensitive skin, more resistant to toxic sweat, increased textile lifespan Another masterpiece. MILLE_S5 – The long distance comfort short Tailored for total comfort during longer rides, MILLE_S5 features full ergonomic pattern design, providing muscle-compression with total freedom of movement, thanks to its 4-panel construction. Ideally suited to more robust riders who prefer a “less tight” feeling. S5 – The Evolution The previous generation of Assos shorts were on the market for 7 years, the models virtually unchanged. This is not normal and practically unheard of within our industry, where superficial changes and “nonsense innovations” are presented yearly in order to create hype and to push sales. At Assos, we do not believe in releasing a new product, unless there is an honest, valid improvement over the existing one. If Assos, usually after many years, decides to discontinue a product and release its successor, there are always valid reasons: our product engineers have developed, and applied, new technologies to further improve your comfort and performance. Assos cycling shorts are created following an organic approach. They are designed to “merge” with your body when on the bike. -25% Less Volume Weight -23% Less Presure On Genital Area 35% Extra Breathable Fabric/Insert/AEPD 18% More Compression On Muscle Zone Features: Campionissimo AEPD Racing Cut/Regular Fit. Clicks onto your body when in the tuck position. Anatomically ergonomic. Total freedom of movement. No excess material means most effective body temperature control and total comfort when riding. Mille_S5 elastic interface insert Type A.434 compression Spandex fabric on main panels: supports muscles, increasing your performance by delaying fatigue process. Assos RXQ kneecap panel: warmer than Spandex, better insulation for your precious knees. Specific AEPD “kneezone”: removes pressure points and rotation friction Outfit Clima Range 4: Fall 8-16˚C/46-61˚F Line: Campionissimo Clima Range: Fall Article: Bibshort lycra knicker Insert: Mille-S5 AEPD: Racing Cut/ Regular fit Composition: PA68%, PES17%, EA13%, PES3%, CF2% Parts: 5 textiles-13 patterns-7 components UV Protection: 50 Buy Assos Clothing from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.

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