Assos T.rally_s7 MTB Bib Shorts Lycra Cycling Shorts


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These bib shorts feature a unique design which incorporates impact pads and have been designed specifically for these shorts. They are located on the hip bone part of the bib short and can be removed. What makes these special is that they are slim fitting, not bulky, rigid or big, but light and flexible. They have been designed with the racer in mind being made from viscoelastic polyurethane foam which is 8mm thick. The impact pads are designed to help protect you without sacrificing riding comfort or inhibiting performance and their construction is robust, light and flexible. They also feature a perforated surface to increase breathability and shaped to give freedom of movement. Not design to save your life, but are designed to reduce the pain and suffering that comes with impacts from trees, rocks, and the terrain you are riding over.

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