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Multi Season Adaptability Riding in these tights during spring and autumn and even winter gives you some freedom to choose what you wear with these tights. Providing great protection from the cold, they fill the gap between autumn or spring outfits and full winter ones. Warm yet breathable, they allow your body to stay at its ideal temperature. Pair them with a long sleeve skinFoil, a falkenZahn or even a shell on those warmer days. Or, when the temperature drops, grab your Habu jacket. These tights are flexible, and by pairing them with different products you can create an outfit perfect for every ride. Technological Engineering Based on the super comfortable S7 short, these tights give you all the benefits of their state of the art design and comfort, but with full-length legs. Created with strategically placed areas of additional insulating material to allow you to perform and stay warm as you ride. The construction RX Medium Fabric with water repellent treatment (WR) is used for added insulation and is used throughout the majority of these tights. The WR treatment is added to help shed water from road spray and light showers, but doesn’t make the tights waterproof (no membrane). A Double layer of RX Medium fabric on the gives you the best thermal protection in this area -protecting this vulnerable joint from the cold and wind-chill. By inserting a panel of Stratagon windblock fabric between the crotch and abdomen panel of the tights, this cold-sensitive area is protected from wind chill, reducing the need to urinate on those cooler rides. Assos call this blasenSchutz! Equipe insert with goldenGate These tights have the same super comfortable insert found in the Assos equipe S7 short. This means that the added comfort of features like the goldenGate, memory foam and an anatomical cut that all come from this platform are present, so finally you can have the same revolution in comfort of Assos summer shorts when the weather gets colder. Integrated Pad Protection (IPP) is a patent-pending technology used at the front of the short. Instead of sewing the insert directly to the fabric, it continues to the panel end. This provides an extended layer of protection without seams in the front area – another step towards total comfort! Anatomically cut To make sure that they fit perfectly, Assos have redesigned the rear knee portion of the tight. Tapered, with multiple panels and made from RX Light fabric, this new, more elastic and breathable area makes the legs noticeably more comfortable. Loop free ankle Loop free ankles are more comfortable but to keep the legs firmly in place, Assos have put the same elastic as used on their S7 short around the ankle. This is comfortable enough that you will not notice it. Practical features Back pocket – To give you ultimate flexibility in what you wear with these tights, Assos have included a small pocket on the back bib of these tights so you have somewhere to put your essentials. A new idea it gives you even more flexibility for the Early Winter climaRange. Winter rides often start or finish when light levels are low, so you will find large asymmetric reflector at the back of each leg for increased visibility.

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