Assos LL.haBu Bib Tights No Insert – XLG


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Assos LL.haBu Bib Tights No Insert – XLG. The new edition of Assos’ LL.607 bibtights for cold, winter riding conditions. Designed to be extremely versatile and part of ALS (Assos Layering System). Should temperatures drop more than usual, they are designed to be worn with a knee or leg warmer underneath. The LL.haBu tights are also available with or without an insert so you can choose to wear your regular Assos shorts underneath or if temperatures drop try wearing Assos bib knickers as a first layer underneath. Not having an insert also makes them suitable for other winter activity sports such as running, ski or snowboarding. The LL.haBu tights are perfect for combining with the iJ.haBu5 insulator jacket for top to bottom thermal protection. The Assos LL.haBu tights are constructed from 12 panels, using 5 different textiles and 29 components, carefully engineered, defined and applied. Assos NEVER compromises and especially not on tights and shorts. The main textile used is an improved version of Assos’ legendary RX microfibre innersurface brushed fleece-type insulator fabric. It’s improved because Assos made it slightly more robust in combination with the new RXQ fabric featuring 3D air channel inner texture. Not only did Assos redefine the fabrics, they also redefined a new 4 panel cut perfectly calibrated to the textiles used. The LL.haBu version with insert also features an extra layer of next-to-skin fabric on the thigh side panel, giving you extra insulation since you won’t be wearing shorts underneath. Total comfort and high performance is achieved by the result of the overall construction and not because of any one part. Assos know how and expertise. Touch, ride, believe. Colour: Black

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