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Assos LL fugu S5 FI Mille Bib TightLL fugu is a part of the new ASSOS_S5 Generation of ASSOS Suspender Tights for very cold climate conditions. The LL fugu comprises twenty panels, nine different fabrics and fifteen other components. LL fugu is made out of RX/plus fabric, an improved version of the RX fabrics. It has the same wonderfully soft feel of the RX but it has been made even warmer and stronger. The brand new Stratagon fabric – developed by ASSOS and not available commercially – is used in specific areas to protect the most exposed body parts from wind and cold. A special feature of the LL fugu is its unique suspender structure. It’s cut is like a tank top with a collar, which – thanks to the legendary RXQ fabric – gives your chest area optimal protection from the cold. These tights also have a seamless and particularly light footbridge, so you will barely know it’s there. The perfect winter trousers for very cold temperatures. LL fugu_S5 will keep you comfortably warm and – thanks to the strategically placed Stratagon membrane – will protect your knees, thighs, hips and private area from cold winds. Assos LL fugu S5 FI Mille Cycling Bib Tight Features:Composition: 37% PA, 34% PES, 14% PP, 12% EA, 3% PUWear your LL fugu as warm tights in extreme winter conditions, at about -6 to 6 degrees Celsius. Comes with FI Mille S5 elastic interface insertCampionissimo AEPD: Like all ASSOS shorts, knickers and tights, LL fugu is tailored to perfectly fit the human body when tucked in the cycling position. The proper construction of the knee area is always difficult with knickers and tights, more so when using winter-weight fabrics with added windproof membranes. So, the LL fugu presented a real challenge. But the result is sensational – a body-hugging, crease-free fit!Important: It is supremely important for you to wear the proper size. Your LL fugu can work properly only when it fits perfectly in the tucked cycling position. Shorts, knickers and tights must fit crease-free, like a second skin. But because the suspenders will tighten and pull unpleasantly when you stand, you might be tempted to wear a size too large. DO NOT! Judge the fit only when you are in the tucked position. Fabrics:RX/Plus: The warmer, more robust, new version of the legendary RX fabric. Improved push-pull properties for optimized moisture transport, keeping you dry and helping to maintain a stable body temperature.LL fugu uses the exclusive ASSOS Stratagon membrane (windproof fabric), which is strategically placed at the knees, thighs and hips so the trousers provide optimal protection against cold and wind. Buy Assos Cycling Bib Tights from Chain Reaction Cycles, the online store for every style of cyclist.

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