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What is it? Shaq – little strong warrior! Assos has been the official equipment choice of the Swiss Cycling Federation for well over a decade. Assos supports the Federation and is keen to help develop youth racing programs, creating future ambassadors of the best sport in the world. With the introduction of the Shaq, Assos has created an all-round winter jacket. A reduced-to-the-MAX high performance garment. Being part of the UNO line, Assos has paid special attention to hit a very accessible price point. This is a rarity for a brand who normally has a no-compromise approach to quality. Assos Layering System Tips The advantage of the shaQ is its extended mission range. Just choose a lighter or heavier Assos bodyInsulator. That’s all you have to do to make the shaQ usable from earlyWinter to WinterPlus training riding. The Engineering Within the Assos winter jacket collection, the shaQ is unique, featuring a double-face construction. Layer one, the next-to-body layer is made of AssosRX soft fleece bi-elastic material that contours to your body. This layer offers superb insulation and advanced moisture-wicking properties. Layer two is a body-mapped protection shell. These two layers are not bonded, but strategically attached, creating a sensation of total freedom of movement. The size of the layers is slightly different, each carefully calibrated to create an air chamber between the layers that function as a heat regulating system. Excess moisture is transferred effectively to the outside by the jacket’s ventilation system. Campionissimo AEPD Tailored to fit your body in the tucked cycling position. It works! The Key Fabric As always, the fabrics used are not commercially available but are the unique creations of the Assos Textile Laboratory, Lugano. Specifically engineered for a need to live on the bike. Conclusion Assos never cut corners or sacrifice on performance. It’s what makes them unique. Assos returns your investment with quality, total comfort and the ultimate in performance. The added bonus with the little warrior is that you get both the legendary Assos performance and the lower price. How? Because the only corners cut were on margins.

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