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Developed to cover early Winter riding Conditions IJ haBu5 is your second layer garment engineered to perfectly function within your ALS (Assos Layering System), complementing your Assos interactive base layer. Technology Focusing on the Assos core elements of fabric tailoring and know-how, the IJ.haBu5 represents the first of a new generation of Assos high performance Insulator jackets Featuring the New campionissimo racing specific pattern design and the STRATAGON family of extreme performance fabrics. Engineering With the creation of the new Assos Campionissimo line, Assos has re-engineered it’s process of product creation and development. We are no longer constructing apparel In the obvious traditional way, Instead we have developed an Assos Specific method which takes a more scientific approach to how we create, develop, engineer and construct Assos apparel. Construction The iJ.haBu5 features 18 patterns, using 6 different textiles. The front chest panel, upper arms and collar are made of Assos Stratagon Light fabric (functioning as a wind block). The sides, lower arms and back patterns feature Assos RXQ textile (active breathable heat retention) allowing effective body temperature control. The overall objective when designing the replacement of the element0ne jacket was to lower the volume and weight of the garment while increasing protection and comfort range. The “iJ.haBu5” weighs 40 grams less than the element0ne, and features a new airblock protection and additional performance enhancing details. The “iJ.haBu5” closes the gap and fits right in between the intermediateEvo and airJack. Stratagon Light Stratagon Light is able to respond intelligently to changes in climatic conditions and body temperature, it is an ultrathin 3 layer laminated fabric construction. It features the latest in membrane technology; “flexible barrier function”. When temperature is low the membrane reduces permeability, meaning the membrane closes, which helps retain body heat. As your temperature increases, the membrane opens to enhance the evaporation process, ensuring stabilization of your body temperature. Stratgon Light allows for proper body temperature management. The advantages and uniqueness of the new Assos Stratagon generation of laminated fabrics is that they get the job done faster and feature a lower volume to weight ratio than any other membrane textile currently used in cycling apparel. RXQ The newly developed RXQ fabric is based on the legendary Assos RX textile. RXQ is an active breathable, two way stretch. soft touch, microfiber insulator fabric. The brushed fleece inner surface is a hollow micro Polyester blend featuring 3D air channel texture which creates a next-to-body micro air cushion. Air is an insulator; wrapping your body with such a structured textile will enhance and promote this function. Lowering the volume of the fabric while enhancing its push-pull performance improves it’s body heat retention properties.

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