Assos hL.sturmNuss Rain Shell Tights Cycling Tights


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Construction The hL.sturmNuss features five pattern pieces, three different textiles and nine components. The central panels most exposed to rain are made of TRITON 2019 to ensure maximum protection. The side panels are made of ultralight four-way stretch TRITON 0017 to ensure that the sturmNuss follows your pedaling movements exactly. Triton Adaptive Fabrics A brand new family of water protection fabrics developed by the ASSOS textile laboratory, specifically engineered for the ASSOS clima.X product range. The ASSOS Textile Laboratory developed the TRITON family of fabrics to provide a superior impermeability / vapor-permeability ratio. TRITON fabrics are able to adapt to changes in ambient temperature thanks to “flexible membrane barrier technology.” When the temperature is low, the membrane reduces permeability, helping to retain body heat. As the temperature inside the garment rises, the membrane’s pores open to allow accelerated vapor transfer. TRITON fabrics are composite textiles, meaning the delicate inner TRITON membrane is protected by application-specific inner and outer fabric layers that enhance the process of staying dry by allowing evaporation while protecting from the elements.

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