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Assos fuguHelm HatFuguHelm is the new Assos “over-engineered” head insulator winter hat No need to wear anything else on your head, except your bike helmet. FuguHelm is so stylish and functional we also wear it off the bike all the time Engineering: FuguHelm is one of those Assos items initially created not with a commercial purpose in mind but to challenge our engineers, advance technological boundaries and to satisfy the demands of our own internal factory team, équipeCampionissimo rides, temperature during the winter months are permanently below zero We do realize FuguHelm is ridiculously expensive, and we understand that it may be a “commercial” flop. Of greater importance is that it is probably the most technically advanced winter cycling hat ever created. FugHelm works so well, we had to make more Every FuguHelm consists of 31 Parts: 4 Textiles-21 Patterns-6 components. It has a two-layer construction. The first layer, in contact with your head, is made out of breathable 4 way stretch Assos RXQ thermo insulator fabric. The second layer, covering the first, is the newly developed Assos StratagonUltra AirBloc fabric. FuguHelm is cut and shaped to contour your head, perfectly protect your ears and incorporates a ventilation system on front and top. The ear section is worth closer inspection: Assos feels it essential that, when riding, your ears are still “connected” to the environment. Meaning that, although you are wearing a “heavy” hat, FuguHelm lets you hear training partners, external road noise and vehicles approaching from behind. In order to achieve”the impossible”, Assos invented and has incorporated a 3D honeycomb mesh textile covering the ears. This lets air circulate freely around the ear while enabling that same air to be used as a heat insulator. The unique construction allows sonic waves to reach your ears almost unobstructed FuguHelm features 2 eyewear “position holder” loops above the ear area. Now you can wear your eyewear protection outside, over the FuguHelm, instead of having to put your eyewear arms inside, underneath which eliminates an opening space for penetrating winds. Last, but not least, FuguHelm features yet another Assos invention, the”DryFast Visor” construction (so good we patented it!). Our DryFast Visor enables your forehead sweat to dry off rapidly, keeping you more comfortable, warm and dry and preventing the discomfort of sweat dripping into your eyes AEPD: Tailored to fit and protect your head for the cycling position. Perfect anatomical fit achieved by smart tailoring, using 4-way stretch high performance fabrics, to contour your head properly and fit snugly without applying any extra pressure Inside, FuguHelm features our Assos RXQ fabric: our actively breathable, low volume, 4 way stretch, soft touch, micro fiber insulator fabric engineered for cooler conditions. Uniquely, its brushed fleece inner surface is a hollow fiber micro polyester blend featuring 3D air channel structure, which creates a next-to-body micro air cushion. Trapped air is the best insulator so covering your head with such a structured textile enhances and promotes this function. Lowering the volume of the fabric while enhancing its push-pull performance optimizes moisture wicking and drying for best body heat retention properties The outer layer is Assos StratagonUltrafabric: The latest generation bi-laminated, ultra low volume Assos AirBlock fabric. Assos Stratagon fabrics feature newly-developed technology which we call “body temperature response function” (patent pending)- the textile adapts, adjusts and calibrates itself to your body’s level of humidity evaporation. Put simply: the more you sweat, the faster Stratagon transports your moisture outside, the less you sweat, the more StratagonUltra insulates you. Simply Genius!Both the RXQ and StratagonUltra are original Assos fabrics and have been specifically developed for the specific application of cycling by, and for Assos Textile Lab, Exclusive to Assos The result speaks for itself! Features: – Two-layered hat construction – Assos RXQ insulator fabric inside, Assos StratagonUltra AirBlock and water repelling laminate textile outside.- Vetilation system front and top keeps you drier and enhances temperature stability of your head- Improved hearing thanks to built-in, heat-insulating 3D honeycomb mesh ear panel- Eyewear position holders- “Dryfast” Visor- Reflective stripe on backBuy Assos Clothing from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.

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