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Engineering fuguHelm was not initially created with a commercial purpose in mind but to challenge our engineers, advance technological boundaries and to satisfy the demands of our internal factory team, equipe Campionissimo for the ultimate winter cycling hat. A realistic need considering that in Switzerland, where equipe Campionissimo rides, temperatures during the winter months are permanently below zero. Assos understand that the fuguHelm is expensive and may not even be a commercial success but as the most technologically advanced winter hat ever created, it works so well that they had to make more. Construction Every fuguHelm consists of 31 parts: 4 textiles, 21 patterns and 6 components. It has a two layer construction. The first layer, in contact with your head, is made out of breathable 4 way stretch RXQ thermal insulator fabric. The second layer is the newly developed Assos stratagon ultra airblock fabric. fuguHelm is cut and shaped to contour to your head and perfectly protect your ears. It incorporates a ventilation system on the front and top. The ear section is worth closer inspection, Assos feel that it is essential that your ears are still ‘connected’ to your environment, meaning that although you are wearing a ‘heavy’ hat, you can still hear your training partners and other road. In order to achieve this, Assos invented a 3D honeycomb mesh textile covering for the ears. This lets air circulate freely around the ear while enabling that same air to act as an insulator. The unique contruction allows sound waves to reach your ears almost unobstructed. fuguHelm features 2 eyewear position holder loops above the ears, now you can wear your optics outside, over the hat rather than tucking the arms inside. This eliminates and air gap that be penetrated by chilly winds. The last new Assos innovation to be included on the fuguHelm is the Dryfast visor construction, this enables your forehead sweat to dry of rapidly, keeping you warmer, dryer and preventing the discomfort of sweat dripping into your eyes. Assos RXQ Inside. fuguHelm features the new Assos RXQ fabric; an actively breathable, low volume, 4 way stretch, soft touch mircofibre insulator fabric engineered for cooler conditions. Uniquely, it’s brushed fleece inner surface is a hollow micro polyester blend featuring a 3D air channel structure which creates a next-to-body micro air cushion. Lowering the volume of the fabric while enhancing its push-pull performance optimizes moisture wicking an drying for the best heat retention properties. Stratagon Ultra The outer layer of the fuguHelm is the new Assos Stratagon ultra fabric, the latest generation bi-laminated, ultra low volume airblock fabric. Stratagon fabrics feature the newly developed body temperature response function technology, the textile adapts, adjusts and calibrates itself to your body’s level of humidity evaporation. Put simply, the more you sweat, the faster Stratagon ultra transports your moisture outside, the less you sweat, the more stratagon ultra insulates.

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