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As winter takes hold and temperatures plummet wear the new Assos bonkaSock as the first layer in contact with your foot to ensure perfect temperature maintenance and comfort. Assos recommend that bonkaSocks must be worn as the first layer to provide the optimum insulation for your feet. Use them in combination with ASSOS booties, when climatic conditions require, to ensure perfect protection from cold and moisture. THE CONSTRUCTION A merino wool mixed with bioceramic provides superior thermal insulation than standard wool blends. In addition Lycra inserts promote blood circulation helping maintain warmth in the feet. Polyamide yarns then provides moisture resistance to prevent any chilling effect. CAMPIONISSIMO AEPD (Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design) Assos engineered extra protection at the toe and heel to protect from the winter cold. A closed structure at the ankle and generous height ensure greater coverage and excellent insulation. CONCLUSION During winter rides, feet and ankles are the body parts most susceptible to the cold and lack of circulation. Use the new bonkaSock_evo7 to insulate and protect your feet to the fullest.

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